onsdag, februari 28, 2007

Thinlas & Dolkar about our stay in sweden.

Hello this is Stanzin Dolkar and Thinlas Chorol expressing our view to what happens in our life travelling from Delhi to Sweden. Before we were in Sweden we stayed two nights in Amsterdam and enjoyed Himalaya film festival. It is a very beautiful place. Lot of people were there to watch the film THIN ICE and every body liked it and start presenting themselves to us. In the end of the film people began to ask questions and we were ready to give them answer also. We met some players and coaches in Amsterdam where we played for a little while. We did not get time to see much of Amsterdam.

On the 11th of February in the morning we were in Stockholm and the weather was very cold. The photographer Östen and the director Håkan meet us in the airport, we were very happy to see them again. We didn’t know at all who would come to fetch us. It was such a surprise! We went to the train station where we meet Tekla (Håkans daughter) and Carolina from WG Film. We had not meet Carolina before and only knew her through mail correspondence and phone calls. It was just like a dream that everybody was there to welcome us. Then came another surprise, we got free tickets to go and see the ice hockey match between Finland and Sweden in the Globe. Lars G Karlsson welcomed us. He showed us the Globe and told us everything. It was really exciting. We were happy to see it all. We could not differentiate dream from reality when we saw the game. The match was very good and we enjoyed it. Then we went to Teklas place and borrowed some warm clothes. After that we took the train to Örebro with Carolina. Lars Lidström meet us at the train station which was a happy surprise, also Ylva Liljeholm was there to greet us. We then drove to Lindesberg where we stayed with a host family, Annelie, Åke and their daughter Fanny.

Next day on the 12th at 8:45 in the morning we went to the rink to try out equipment and to play hockey. We played only for 2 hours after that we went to the host family to meet journalists and make interviews. At 13 o’clock we went to have lunch with the Swedish national team of women player in ice hockey. After lunch we saw their press conference and afterwards it was time for our own press conference together with Carolina, Ylva at Film in Örebro Län and Micke Pers at SISU sports educators. Later in the afternoon we went to practice with the Swedish national team Damkronorna. They were very good and we learnt some methods from them and their coach Peter Elander. In the evening we joined with small children and played with them on the ice. It was really fantastic to play with them.


Anonymous Anonym said...

Hello Dolkar and Thinlas!

We (Åke, Annelie and Fanny) hope that you have had a good time here in Sweden and that you have played a lot of hockey. We also hope that you have meet and inspierd many girls to want to begin and play hockey.

It is a tuff world even in Sweden for women hockeyplayers but it will be better. That is what all of us who works with womens hockey works for.

We really missed both of you and we hope we will meet you soon.

Many hugs from Annelie, Åke och Fanny in Lindesberg

6/3/07 15:55  
Anonymous Anonym said...

Thanks Thinlas, Dolkar and all other girls on your hockey team!

The film warmed my heart so much.

10/3/07 18:25  
Blogger Terese said...

Keep on playing! I was amazed by your courage when you stood up for your right to play. Good luck with everything!

7/5/07 15:11  

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